Why Motorcycle Maintenance Is Important...
The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is especially true when 
youre talking about motorcycle maintenance and maintaining mechanical systems. Since your motorcycle is not self-healing and will not fix itself, it is up to you to ensure that it gets the proper care.

We offer a full staff of experienced and industry certified service technicians/mechanics that are well qualified and able to service any make or model; from basic tuning and maintenance, to custom street application or complete race-prep (all at very reasonable prices).  Jr Motorsports is also a "High Performance" shop for Supermoto Race Bikes.

We are knowledgeable, experienced and well qualified !

Here is a partial List of the services that we offer:

  • Oil Filter & Lube
  • Complete Service (includes most models / Valve Adjustments extra
  • Carburetor Cleaning
  • Seadoo Watercraft: General Service / 4 Tech / Full Service / 4 Tech / 2 Stroke Inj / 2 Stroke Carb / Including Trailer Service
  • Tire Changes: Sport Bike / Cruiser Front & Rear / Dirt Bike / ATV / Full Dressers 
  • Mount & Balance Tires Off Bike
  • Basic Winterize
  • Summerize
  • Suspension - Front & Rear Setup
  • Webcam & Falicon Crankshaft Dealer
  • DNA Wheels 
  • Motorcycle Customization
  • Collision Repair

The following are the basics of motorcycle maintenance.
Good motorcycle maintenance means a safe machine. A careful check of certain parts and systems must be made after periods of storage and frequently between the regular service intervals to determine if additional motorcycle maintenance is necessary.

The following items should be checked regularly (and especially after the bike has been sitting for a while):
1. Tires-for correct pressure, abrasions or cuts.
2. Drive belt and/or chain-for proper tension.
3. Brakes, 
steering and throttle-for responsiveness.
4. Brake fluid-for level and condition.
5. Hydraulic lines and fittings-for leaks.
6. Brake pads and discs-for excessive or disproportionate wear.
7. Cables-for fraying or crimping and free operation.
8. Engine and transmission lube for proper levels.
9. Wheel spokes-for tightness.
10. Headlamp, tail lamp, brake lamp and directional lamps-for proper operation.