Storage starting at $99.00 a month

  1. Pick-up / Towing
  2. Safety recall verification
  3. Check all fluids
  4. Add fuel stabilizer, fill to capacity, run to circulate, shut off gas valve
  5. Drain carburetor / petcock
  6. Install battery charger cable lead 
  7. Check / fill tire pressure
  8. Preform a 30-point motorcycle inspection and report findings to customer 
    • 20% discount on labor for work done while in storage
  9. 25% off installation labor for all accessories purchased at JR Motorsports
  10. Store motorcycle in our indoor, secured, onsite facility and maintain battery on trickle charge.
  11. Wash and shine motorcycle
  12. 1/2 price delivery, if preferred
  13. Perform a New York State inspection, if necessary
  14. Start and run motorcycle
  15. Final inspection and test drive

All parts, gas, and fluids are an additional cost.

Storage is available for 2-wheel motorcycles only. Larger motorcycles IE crusiers and touring models will aquire additional charges for storage. Regular daily storage fees will apply for non-payment, and if not taken out of storage by April 15th. 

Winter Storage Contract

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